Family Values

You've heard of the saying "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life?"
It's so not true.
As anyone who actually 'does what they love' for a living will know, you usually work twice as hard as the average Joe, but you wouldn't give up your following your dreams for the world...
When it comes to following dreams and setting up shop as Flipside Skate and Ride, the Bishop family had their path well and truly laid. Of course it was going to be a skate and bmx shop. How many people do you know that are committed enough to have their own concrete skatepark built at home?
Joel and his wife Kylie decided to put their love of skateboarding, BMX riding and skate culture into the launch of a brand new store in the main street of Gympie, just north of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. While its bold enough to commit to a physical retail store in today's 'clicks-not-bricks' landscape, opening Flipside was about much more than the shop. But with dedication and a vision in sight the Bishops and Store Manager, Bridee Gaillard, made it happen.
"We wanted to have an old-school meeting place for skaters and bike riders to hang out," says Kylie. Which is exactly what they've created. 
Flipside Skate and Ride have also just launched their new Skate School Program, with accredited teacher Sam Renwick, Flipside is ensuring that kids of all ages, boy or girl, have a chance of enabling their skills further.. and more importantly; keeping the kids active!
Sometimes things were just meant to be. For the Bishops, Flipside is that thing.